Survivor-Fashion Edition Task Ten Entries

Hello and welcome back! Here are the task ten entries. Good luck to everyone!
Pink Warriors 
Fashion is a very demanding and expensive buisness, and starting from zero in it is very hard im many cases for people who don't have at their hand the necessary money to promote themselves or start a shop or a company. My idea isn't acutaully a charity, it's an organization who helps people who don't have enough founds to start off  but still have a big talent. That simple. The Chance would have asociated designing schools, so our pupils could get scholarships, and there would also be anual runaways made by the best students, people who need a shoutout, and those who triumphed with our help so we could raise founds to give scholarships to the best candidates. This project is all about helping young people reach their dream and be a succesful designer later in life. We prepare them, give oportunities, scholarships and anything our little dreamers need so their also  little projects become worldwide known designs.
We are just like fairy godmothers

 CBA ( Christmas Baskets Anonymous) is a charity organization that provides Christmas baskets filled with toys, food, and other essentials to low income families during the holiday season. The group meets each week during December and assembles the baskets, then they distribute them, anonymously, through out low-income neighbor hoods. While many families gather around the Christmas tree to open their many gifts, or gather around the table to eat a feast, others are struggling to just gather up enough food and money to provide for their families. So our hope at CBA is to GIVE hope to those in need, and to hope the people that were in need will look back years from now, and wonder who was kind enough to give them a Christmas miracle.
Outwit, outplay and outlast. Survivor-Fashion Edition.

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