Survivor- Fashion Edition Task 10 Results

Hello everyone! Today we have another tie so it will work just like the last one. We will add up the votes of both teams to see who wins.
1)Will200 with 178 votes= 178
1) T_Louise with 178 votes= 178
2) I-Love-Green with 106 votes= 284
3) SWTYPIE_GIRLY with 79 votes= 257
4) LizDiz07 with 34 votes= 291
5) RockinEllee with 33 votes= 317
6) shanie2k8 with 26 votes= 317
7) MissB17 with 22 votes= 339
8) envyme010 with 16 votes= 333
Pink warriors won with 339 vote, you will not have counci. Congrats!
Purplators you lost with 333 votes. You have council. Send me your votes at
Outwit, outplay and outlast. Survivor-Fashion Edition.

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