The Merge

It has been ten weeks, ten tasks and ten eliminations. Congratulations to all the players that have made it this far and thank you so much for your cooperation and hard work. But your Survivor-Fashion Edition journey is not over yet. But before I get into how everything will work, first I will list off all of the people who made it into the merge.
Pink Warriors
Once again, congrats to all of you! 
Now that it's the merge all of the remaining players will combine to make one team. You guys can make a new team name if you wish but it isn't required. Every week there will be a new task and new entries. Like before the merge, there will be a poll where the readers decide the winners. Instead of a team winning there will be individual immunity. Meaning, the person with the most votes can not get voted out that week. The rest of the team is fair game. Every week one person will leave until there is only three people left. Then to decide the winner of 500 stardollars there will be another poll. The readers will vote based on the three people's entries throughout the whole competition. The one with the most votes will win.
The eleventh task will be posted on Monday the 26th. So enjoy your time off and have a nice holiday! 
Outwit, outplay and outlast. Survivor-Fashion Edition.
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