Medoll Of The Month (Entries - for January)

So here we are, like every month...

And this month, you'll have to dress up your doll with this THEME:


You need to use at least one red outfit or accessories...

Red being a color for christmas, I needed to choose it as the theme!

Then to enter on this competition it's really simple:

- Dress up your doll as the theme,
- Leave a comment with your stardoll username & the link of your screenshot* (you can also add a description of the look if you want),
-Wait about 5 days for the next step.

For the next step I'll choose the best entries and I'll post a poll...

So, if you want to be the new Medoll Of The Month, post your entry and good luck!

*You cannot give me the link to your album anymore, cause it takes too long for me to wait till it log. I know it can sound stupid, but you just have to make a little screenshot and it's easier for me to look at all the entries... 

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