HotBuys competition. Tingeling silver dress.


Love HotBuys?

Want to win 40sd?

Then enter the HotBuys competition

To enter

Make an outfit using the HotBuys Tingeling dress either in your suite or in starplaza. Take a picture of the outfit and upload it to a website like tinypic or photobucket etc. If you don’t know how to do this then click HERE for easy to follow instructions. Then post a comment here saying your stardoll user name and the link to your outfit. In order to enter you must post a link in this topic.


1, You can only enter one outfit per poll and the outfit must be made by yourself.

2, The HotBuy must be visible in your outfit and not completely covered up

3, No asking for votes or you will be disqualified

4, Please don't write your stardoll user name, edit or include anything else on your picture besides your medoll wearing the outfit. This included adding a border etc

Remember you don't need to be SS to enter. Also the whole outfit needs to be visible so make sure you don’t crop out your dolls feet or legs etc. 50 outfits will be chosen for the poll so bear in mind that your outfit may not be chosen before you enter.

You have 2 days to enter and entries for this competition close on January 2nd at 6pmGMT.

Good luck and have fun!



PS, Happy New Year! Well new years eve :)

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