Free Nicholas Day Gift

Thank you Chloe (chloe-99) for mentioning about this in a previous post!
If you are from Germany, the gift should already be in your suite.
If you are from anywhere else, you'll have to use a web proxy, go to: or or

Type this into the URL bar:

Hit 'Enter' and log in to your account. You can now leave the proxy. The gift should be in your suite.

ATTENTION: 1. In case there will be pop up ads during the time you are using the proxy...close them and continue with the steps....don't click on any of them...we cannot guarantee the safety of a proxy. 2. Always Check the date of the post....OLD freebies might NOT be available anymore!

PS: If you are from another country besides Germany and you got it please let me know!

-MKA-RC-lover :)