Day 13 Calendars & Your Opinion?

On my iPhone again. Fixed image setup, not links yet.

Silver Teddy - 33sc.
Go to:

Hot Hot Buys Top (even though it looks like a dress...?) - 10sd

Links aren't working for me. I've tried everything.

I have something to talk to you guys about. Lately I've been busy as you can see. I've been with USD for almost half of a year already, and I love writing for this blog, helping you people. There has been a lack of free items as well. A lot of contests now don't have prizes to go with it, so it's even harder to try to find free items. I love this blog, but it's very time consuming and I think I'll be leaving. I wanted to ask you guys first. I think I'll be doing other projects and blogs, etc. What do you think? :/

- Shay.

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