And the Medoll of the Month is...

The winner of the January comp for Medoll Of The Month is...

With more than 500 votes...

Which is a record...



That was her look for the Red Theme!

Here's an interview with her:

Name: Cristal Yaret
Age: 12
City: Mexico

How is it to be Medoll Of The Month?
OMG!!! it's amazing!!! this comp is so fun, i'm very happy to win this!!! thank you sooooo much to the people who liked my dress and voted, i know there were so many good entry's must be hard to chose, thank you for make this comp beacuse it's alot of work, idk what alse to say but THANK YOU ALL!!!! ♥

How came the idea of your look for this month comp?
Well, while ago i made a dress with christmas trees and i love it!! so when i read about the red christmas comp i think right away about the christmas tree dress with the red accessories and the jingle bells :) i'm actually wearing christmas LOL!!

What are your passions in real life?
My biggest pasion is atletism, i love compite on races.

Could you describe us your style?
On stardoll i wear what I never wear on real life, i love fashion and glamourous dresses, but what i like the most is that you can have so many diferent styles and have fun with your doll, and in real life well i wear most of the time sports clothes nothing fashion, i dont even wear makeup yet sometimes lip gloss XD

What is your biggest wish for the future?
OMG!! my biggest wish is win a gold medal on the olympics, so far it's just a dream but i will work hard for it and i will do my best.

What do you want people to remember about you when you'll leave stardoll?
Hopefully people remember me as a nice and friendly person and i hope my bests friends always think of me as a good friend, i really love my friends on SD.

Thank you for this competition, and wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!
P.S. sorry for my english i need study a bit more XD

And here's the TOP 5:

2. CuteSueEllen & inouesan
4. o-leatitia-o
5. Rubycarminella

So congrats to all of them and congrats to all the contestants!

And last thing, here are all the votes... 

Have a Happy New Year!

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