Talented MeDoll of the Week: LizDiz07

This weeks talented medoll is LizDiz07
(click the name to go to her suite)
Her real name is Lizzie and she comes from the USA.
Which room of hers is your favourite? Mines is the first one :)

Here is her mini-interview!

How many hours have you put into your suite?
Mmmm I'd say I put in A LOT of time on my suite lol.....I don't know exactly how many hours. But I'm a decorator in real life.....so decorating my suite comes very naturally.

What is your biggest achievment on stardoll?
 I'd say my biggest achievement on stardoll would be being featured on USD, I'm in the survival fashion competition, and now being featured in Show us you talent ;D

Who inspires you on stardoll?
My friends inspire me on stardoll, i wouldn't be where I am without their help, and also I'm inspired by all of the incredible stardoll members.....there are so many amazing suite decorators on here that I draw inspiration from.
If you think you deserve to be featured here on Show US Your Talent then click HERE to apply. Remember, only the best will get picked.. good luck :)

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