Survivor- Fashion Edition Task 5 Results

Hello! A big thank you for all who vote, we got 1,024 votes. Here are the task 5 results.
 This week T_Louise won with a total of 259 votes! Congrats Purplators! You guys are safe this week.
2) I-Love-Green with 169 votes
3) Will200 with 105 votes
4) LizDiz07 with 93 votes
5) RockinElle with 90 votes
6) shanie2k8 with 87 votes
7) SWYTYPIE_GIRLY with 75 votes 
8) Vntge-drma-qeen with 57 votes
9) envyme010 with 46 votes
10) SuperstarHolly7 with 43 votes

The Pink Warriors will have council tonight, but it will be a little different because two people didn't send in their task. The Pink Warriors can only vote for either alexapie200 or berryrocks. Please send them in at!
Outwit, outplay and outlast. Survivor-Fashion Edition.