HotBuys competition. Stardoll suspender tee

Love HotBuys?

Want to win 40sd?

Then enter the HotBuys competition

For our 5th HotBuys competition this month we have the Stardoll suspender tee that you see above. I'm not sure about this top, I don't think it's my style but if you have an idea on how to wear it then enter the competition.

To enter

Make an outfit using the Stardoll suspender tee either in your suite or in starplaza. Take a picture of the outfit and upload it to a website like tinypic or photobucket etc. Then post a comment here saying your stardoll user name and the link to your outfit.


1, You can only enter one outfit per poll and the outfit must be made by yourself.

2, The HotBuy must be visible in your outfit and not completely covered up

3, No asking for votes or you will be disqualified

4, Please don't write your stardoll user name or include anything else on your picture. Pictures that are too small or blurry won't be counted.

You don't need to be SS to enter as you can make your outfit in starplaza so it's fair for non SS people too.

Please note. These competitions are run the same way as most other competitions on the blog, more people just enter this one so it makes it tougher to get through. If your outfit is not in the poll it doesn't mean it didn't deserve it. Remember, USD is larger then most other blogs so there will always be entries that probably deserve to get through but don't due to the large amount of entries and there is nothing we can do about that. So we can all either accept that or I just stop hosting HotBuy competitions altogether which would be a shame.

These competitions are only on a months trail basis. So lets all play fairly to make sure they're allowed to continue in future!

You have 2 days to enter and entries close on November 25th at 6pm GMT.

Have fun



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