HotBuys Bonjour Bizou dress: Vote!

Hello everyone

Amber here and first of all let me say that this competition was the biggest yet (no surprise there considering the dress was beautiful!) with close to 300 entries so there were about 150 entries that I loved yet still had to cut out. In the end I choose the top 100 and choose it randomly from there. Don't be disappointed if you didn't get in.... try to understand the difficulty of choosing 50 outfits out of 300 and remember there will always be next time for you to enter. Again a few peoples links didn't work or the image they submitted was too small or blurry so I remind you to make sure you double check your entries before posing them.

As with all HotBuys polls you can vote for 3 outfits and voting closes in 2 days on November 24th at 6pmGMT. Remember... our last HB competition winner only won by a single vote so make sure you vote to make it count.

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