Drop your Line : Iconic Chic

Iconic Chic is a Fashion Line owned by Aura (master04), she's the designer and also the graphic designer.

For the moment you can't judge her graphic skills... Cause it's a new Fashion Line and so she'll release the first collection of it.

So here's the spoiler...

Chic no? What do you think about the shoes? I love it by the way.

The most important information... Is that a good graphic designer is looking for Models to be in her Fashion Line!
So what are you waiting for ? click here to apply.

However if you want more informations about this new upcoming Fashion Line, here's what the owner herself said about it:

"Okay, My fashion line, will be a unique one. Because, I will do clothes for each occasion but in those clothes there will be a touch of chic."

Also about her inspirations:

"My inspirations, are the clothes that look very chic, but they just don&#t look chic, they look amazing. Those are my inspirations, of the clothes I will designed for my fashion line. :D"

So, please take a minute to show your support, follow and maybe apply to be a model by clicking

Feel free to say what you think about this Fashion Line on the comment section of this post! :)

I'll be back with another stardoll upcoming Fashion Line really soon...

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