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Hey guys!Adri posting on her new posting days which is Thursday!Friday was just a way too complicated day for me to post, and sorry this was so late, I was working on a history fair project with my friend!So I captured Sam, a 13 yr old girl from the UK.I captured her because this outfit is too cute.Its a bit light and should have something dark but overall this is amazingly pretty.The tights add the accent of darkness, I'd guess.And her medoll matches perfect too!

Shes wearing
Lace tutu skirt dress by Pretty n'Love
Tulle roses jacket by Givenchy tribute
Katy golden heel shoes by Young Hollywood
Fame pantyhole
Khaki lockdown belt by Givenchy tributeVoile holiday boutique layered pearl necklace

Lets see what the other's think,
Amber_Doll:I like this outfit it has a nice mix of neutral colours and textures. The whole look is very elegant and pretty. Well done to her
Anastasiarts:I like it! It's well made and it looks really elegant and classy!! I would probably add a darker belt and a bag but it's still very beautiful! :)

Looks like everyone likes it!Score :D

Fashion Tip Of the Week!
You know the new stardesign jewelry?
Well you can create bangs/fringe from there!
Click HERE to go to stardesign jewelry
How to:
1. Go start sd(stardesign) jewelry and choose a headband preferrably the one below
2.Choose the color of that headband
3.Go to the second page in charms
4.Find the feathers you want, place them in the right spot
5.Buy them and cover up the headband with a bow
Its that simple, sadly its for SS only :(
It costs somewhere around 15 dollars,mine doesn't look too great haha!

Thats it for this week, any questions or comments?Please contact me HERE, have a wonderful end of week and weekend!


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