Captured: nelly000esparis

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Name Gabi

From: Lithuania

Hey everyone it's Monday again so I have another captured doll for you. This week I choose a girl called Gabi from Lithuania. This is just one of her many stylish and sophisticated outfits I have seen her wear so I thought she was the perfect choice to be captured because she always dresses amazingly. The outfit above is something very well combined. That skirt is usually very difficult to match but she has done it very well here. Lets see what everyone else thinks

Anastasiarts, It's elegant and wearable and it has a Parisian air in my opinion! I like the way the skirt is combined with the shirt and the necklace detail as well. Nice job :D

LovelyHula, This is my style. Everything matches so well. I love it. The puff shirt goes with the shape of the skirt. Overall 9/10

Success! Everyone likes it.

Watch out dollies you might get captured



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