Captured: arianna1495


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Age: 15

From: Greece

Hey everyone Amber here for Mondays captured. This week I found an outfit by arianna1495 from Greece that I really liked. There is something quite vintage looking about this outfit I think it's the cardigan, hat and purse mix that give it this look but whatever it is I like it. The hat is quite distinctive and I actually like the way it covers her eyes, it's different and creative. So lets see what the others think

Anastasiarts, That's a really nice outfit generally. The only thing I don't like that much is the hat. I think it's put too low on her head, I would prefer to see the dolls eyes. Of course I don't know if she wants to show something by putting it there but I would just like the outfit even more if the hat was higher. That's all I want to say about this outfit. The rest looks great so well done again!

Thanks for that.! We both think differently on the hat but that's what captured is all about, finding different opinions on outfits.

Watch out dollies you might get captured



PS, For those of you wondering about my HotBuys dress contest I will be posting the poll tomorrow afternoon due to the large amount of entries I need some extra time to pick the top 50.

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