50% Starplaza Sale

Hello... 7000 followers + more! (do you see we now have 7000 followers? :O) How amazing!Anyway, there is a 50% sale in starplaza. For a good while now, non-superstars have been able to buy from the monthly sale, which is one plus to the starcoin system as before the sales were only for superstars.
You can find things on sale in the usual shops: Bonjour Bizou, Fudge, Evil Panda, Decades, Tingeling, Voile, Stardoll, Stardoll Boys, Pretty n' Love, Rio, Folk, Fallen Angel and Fallen Angel Boys.
Does anything take your fancy in this monthly sale?

I know I've not been around at all lately, and that is because I've been studying, but I will be back on the 9th December, once my exams are over. :)

Emma xox

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