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About the doll:
Name: Danielle 
Age: 16
Country: Great Britain

White hair bow - DVF / Collar ruched top - Pretty ‘n love / Pants designed by Shakira_Avril / Black leather belt - DKNY / Tassle necklace - LE / Grey bow heels - Other world / Gloves – Archive

Why I chose it:
Well, this outfit caught m eye from the first moment. It might be because of the pants which are a little brave or even too much for some people. However, I don’t think so, especially in this particular outfit, I think it’s really fabulous here. I also love the big bow on the doll’s head, I believe it goes really well with the hair. And then, all these gold and black details within the white outfit are making it even more stylish. Idk, it’s like the doll’s saying; I don’t care about what you think, this is my style and I know it’s special!
The team’s opinion;

On a first glance I quite like this outfit. There are a lot of accessories but I think it works quite well with the outfit. I'm not too keen on the hair bow but that's only a small thing. Overall good job.
Τhat is too chic! I love how it just , aaah looks so pretty! Leaves me speechless!
I like this outfit. I like how she made the pants (i think...) She did a very good job with color coordinating the outfit. I like all the accessories, but the gloves weren't really needed... I think the bow is a little too big, but it still looks great. Overall I think this outfit is very cute.
Wow! This is totally amazing! I love it. The pants are just fabulous. Everything goes perfectly well together, or almost... I think it would been even better with some other shoes, but except for that.. it's perfect! I wish it was me! :)

So, I hope you like this outfit better than the previous one :)

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