90 Million Members Outfits

Stardoll has released the 90 million members clothes and this is what they look like.... NOTHING is for free, the cheapest thing is 3 stardollars and the most expensive is 18. I was looking forward to getting something for free as we usually do :( My favourite thing is the red clock but I probably won't but it. What do you think? Are you angry at the prices?
Also you can get 50% back from your purchases up to 90 stardollars that we spend this weekend! So if you spend 90 then you will get 45 back... yay :)
UPDATE: I got an email from stardoll today saying that the money we spend all this week (up to 90SD's) will  count as well. Stardoll make up your mind! Well I suppose this is good news :D
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