Royalty Changes!!

Whoever is stardoll royalty is actually a Royalty from now on and not just SS
Stardoll has made changes...we have a diamond in our names and when we visit someone we have a blue color....not the yellow of SS anymore... you understand stardoll has seperated the members to one more category
Non SS, SS and now Royalty
Royalty members according to the club are only 10892

EDIT:Because many of you are asking and some of you are new users and do not know about it:
StardollRoyalty is a private club owned by Stardoll. there is not a join button.
In order to be invited in Stardoll Royalty club you have to be a constant SS for one year or Spend a lot in Starplaza without losing your SS membership even for one day.
If you do that you get an invitation by Stardoll Admin to join the Club.
After you get in the Royalty Club , if you lose your SS even for one day you get thrown out of the club(though it is easier to rejoin it later.
That's  why stardoll keep saying "loyal members"....they actually mean "Always SS"
by the way this was the invitation we got back then i do not know if they have changed it through time:

for more info check our post from back then 

Do you like these changes?...

....xoxo MSM
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