Recycling in Stardoll!!!

A new feauture has been added to stardoll....Superstars can Recycle items they do not want with the help of a new button that has appeared in our suitesWe get 1 stardollar for THE FIRST ITEM of the day....NOT for every item we you see i recycled one of the many cakes i had lol....just to try if you use the feauture then just recycle 1 item per day...i do not see the point on throughing away all your stuff for nothinf....unless their useless and you want to get rid of them...but then again you never know when you are going to need something...just be careful on what you through in might lose sth you want...but there is a message to avoid losing something you do not want to lose:

opinions about this new feature?....

thanx to ajlchen

....xoxo MSM
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