Price tags...Gone!!

Some days ago and before when you were selling something in your bazzaar , the item/clothes/designs used to have a price tag in your suite so people knew that you were selling it. Two days ago the price tags gone.
At first , assumed it was just a glitch but two days later the problem still exists, so we are thinking that this was made on purpose by Stardoll as also Solyma77 told us in a comment. If that's true , Stardoll took the price tags of the clothes in our suites in order to ruin our "Suite shops" . So basically if you had a shop created in your suite with items, clothes or designs...well....Stardoll just "closed it" :P
You can still sell clothes/items. It is just that you can't show them in your suite because they appear as regular items that you do not sell!!!
Worst case scenario and what people has started to assume is that one of the Stardoll plans is to close the Starbazzaar and take us the ability to sell our of the reasons people assume that is also the "Recycling" feauture stardoll gave us some days before they take the price tags away..That way they will increase the top up on Stardollars!!....hope it's not true!!!

What we want is Stardoll give us back the abilities to show people what items we are selling...basically Stardoll...let us have our Shops back!!....

....what do you think about all these?...

...xoxo MSM
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