Competition- NON-Superstar


Non Superstar dressup are the rules!!

1.You have to be a Non Superstar to participate
2.Make a outfit of your choice
3.All outfits will be made with EXCLUSIVELY non superstar clothes...
4.Save your doll with the outfit in a page of your album!!
5.Write a comment in this post saying your stardoll name and what page of your album your outfit is saved!!....(DO NOT APPLY IN OUR GUESTBOOKS )
6.In the page of your album there has to be ONLY one (1) outfit...the one you want to participate with...if we find more.. your entry won't be taken under consideration!!!
7.Whoever wins will be the next to be feautured in the blog
8.Whoever has been feautured in the blog before(..which means has already won) canNOT take part again
9.Be sure to apply fast enough...the contest will close tomorrow about the same time!!!
10.DO NOT BREAK ANY OF THE RULES if you want your entry to be taken under consideration!!

We will check all of them and THE BEST outfits will be in tomorrows poll...from which you will vote the winner!!

Have Fun....

...xoxo MSM
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