Play and earn!!!

Continueing yesterday's post because they send this today:P
Did you see this today in your inbox on stardoll?...they are making it clear to us....EARN(...not save again) UP TO 50 stardollars EACH AND EVERY month!!! yeah we said yesterday....they are giving less than before....100 stardollars less....

if you spread though the play and earn money wisely through the month you can actually save 30 every month!!...because the FIRST Stardollar can be in other words what they tell you is this :
"Want to save all the 30 stardollars? won' t have much daily money......or you want to have some daily money? won't save much stardollars!!!"

so actually you can save 30 stardollars...BUT in order to do have to stop the game every time you reach the first(or second some days) stardollar....but with that don't get to have all the 5sd every day....on the other hand....if you choose to have 5 sd every day you will play and earn only for 10 days save only 10stardollars and then wait for another month.....confusing, eh?

...xoxo MSM
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