Free Dior and Marc Jacobs Dresses and a Brazilian Top

There's a scenery contest in Brazil from where you get a free inspired by Dior and Marc Jacobs Dresses and a brazilian top when you enter....
if you are from Brazil go and enter the contest by clicking HERE

If you are not from Brazil first log out of stardoll if you have logged in...
then use this manual proxy(how? HERE):
IP: Port:3128
IP: Port:8080
IP: Port:8080
UPDATE:The proxies doesn't seem to work now...though try..cause we got the free stuff with the help of these proxies( though we didn't got the ones that we used to have at least once) if you find a better one share it with us in a comment)

ONCE you set the proxy go HERE...

Manual proxies are really really patient and refresh.... Make the Scenery and Save it....turn off the proxy (...also HERE on how to do this)

Go to stardoll as usual it will be in your suite

....thanx to tasuneschka....

....xoxo MSM
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