Club Royalty

Did you got this today?...we opened our inbox and it was there along with the Antidote says that some members will be invited...personally all the 3 of us got an invitation...
But not everyone will get an

This sends you here:UPDATE:There is not a Join Button...once you click the invitation you are and then see the clubs you have joined list!!
UPDATE2:The club Exists but it doesn't show anymore in the clubs you have joined list....propably they are facing problems...we'll see
UPDATE3: We hear that in some members the message has been deleted...has this happened to you too?...cause we still got it...let us know in a comment!!
UPDATE4:The mail got deleted...we don't have the mail now too...of course we kept the club's address( we always the club still exists!!! see it HERE
UPDATE5:We have the mail again...but we are still not in the club...this is getting really boring!!
UPDATE6(hopefully the last one):We are in...just click the invitation and you are in the club!!!
....xoxo MSM