Underneath Starplaza!!!

Well it is halloween and you want to dye your hair into an extreme color like Amethyst...or you just like the color for yourself...or you just want some highlits of it....but you cannot find the color in the starplaza anymore!!!
What do you do?
You come to us:P

That color along with the highlights are still in the starplaza hiding....get them in your dressing room HERE(It is only for SS)
You can find them also in Search(not shop though)...Search Doree...thanks to a commentor....didn't left us a name

Now you changed the color of your hair....let's put sth on them!!!...Click HERE to get these:(Lily for NON SS also, Butterfly Only FOR SS- a little expensive i would say)

Well finally you want a cute spooky little buddy for the Halloween click HERE for a Fallen Dog and a Tarantella(Only for SS unfortunately)
PS: Because Suite Shop is hard to check if you've seen any of these pets there...because we didn't...let us know in a comment..where exactly....so we can update....thank you

So what do you think?...will you buy any of them?
....xoxo MSM
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