We expected this:
but we are getting this one:
same is from US just go here:
and complete the quiz...the answers don't is personal...there are not right all gonna get the T-shirt once you complete and then submit the Quizz.
!!!If the above Link sent you to a "Born Famous Quiz" clearly you are not from the US!!!
It is supposed to Link to this Quiz:

UPDATE:We get both after all!!!
if you are from US go here: and make the scenery for the competition...then you will find the red T-Shirt in your suite

Now whoever is NOT from the US( us) needs to use a proxy....we tried our best to find you one very safe proxy...(..without many pop up ads....maybe none...)...but always be careful with is not our site so we cannot garantee its 100% safety!!!!
So... Go to
Copy and paste this link:
into the blank box next to "Go"....then hit GO.....Log in....take the quiz....submit answers...Close the window....then open a new one....and go to your suite on stardoll as usual(.. from BLACK T-Shirt will be in your suite!!!

In case there will be pop up ads during the time you are using the proxy...close them and continue with the steps....don't click in any of them...we cannot garantee the safety of a proxy but we tried to find one without (...or not many at least)

UPDATE:In order to make the scenery though to get the RED one you will need to use a Manual Proxy
Use this one for this occasion:
IP: Port:80
Look Here on how to use the manual proxy in your browser.
Once you did it go here
Log In...make the scenery and save it!!
"Turn off" the proxy...we also saying that here
go to stardoll as will be in your suite:)
Please be patient manual proxies are slow....but they will load after all:)

..enjoy your new Vampire's Assistant T-Shirts!!!
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