Free From Russia!!!

There is this contest in Russia:

If you are from Russia...just go HERE and make an outfit of that doll save and you will get this in your MeDoll editor:

If you are not from Russia you will need a manual proxy to do to use a manual proxy?...see HERE
For this Occasion you will use:
IP: PORT:6588(STOPPED WORKING A WHILE AGO....hope many of you got it....we are in search of a new proxy)
IP: Port:8080(NOT WORKING)


IP: PORT:3128
It is slow...but working be patient and refresh if something goes wrong...

UPDATE: Since some of you have problems of getting sure that you are logged out of sure that after you set the proxy...stardoll will ask you to log in...if you were in stardoll before...log out and then set the proxy and continue with the steps.....That's the only we can think of might being a problem....because the proxy still works ...otherwise check again if you have entered right the proxy etc etc
UPDATE2:This Contest has can no longer take the eyepencil!!
After you set the proxy go here:
Dress up the save...turn off the proxy...also saying that HERE
Go to stardoll as usual and look in your MeDoll will be there...

....xoxo MSM

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