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How To: Best Colors For Your Eyes

Hey guys! 
I'm back with another one of my weekly videos. This time it is
a 'How To' video. I don't like to just stick to only certain colors when I do
my eye makeup, but for those who just want to choose colors
that best suit their eye color, then check out my video. Please tell me
what you thought in the comments below.


Last chance - Missoni Home Tribute

Missoni Home tribute will leave on the 5th of August/Tuesday,a day right away after Dior is going to leave since they both came out in the same week
Did you buy anything? Not yet? Then what are you waiting for?! 
Special thanks to naaruu 

Two new floors of Royalty released

We have 2 new floors of the Royalty store.

Will you be buying?


Royalty store Spoilers

Here are the spoilers for the new Royalty Store,

Are you excited?

- Jodie55

Hot Buys spoilers

Here are spoilers for the August Hot Buys.

- Jodie55

New Offer!

There is a new offer and all you have to do is buy stardollars or more superstar days and you will receive the adorable cheerleader dress shown in the picture below.

Here is the outfit,

Will you be taking this offer?

xoxo Jodie55

New collection of Royalty store out tomorrow

 Remember those dresses spoilers we saw earlier today?  Looks like they'll be for Royalty store since Stardoll posted this on their Instagram page that tomorrow a new collection Royalty store will be released and the picture of the dress we saw in the spoilers is in there too

Are you excited for this?
Are you hoping that the stuff won't be overpriced? At least at good prices?
Special thanks to Carmen Bynes,crazycharmy and Leona7820  ← SD Account 


This will be released tomorrow as well that it will be the pick of the day for August 1st

this one too will be the pick of the day sooner on

and here is the final spoiler that might be for decor

Could it be a new shop or a new collection of clothes or a new collection of  Young Hollywood?
Special thanks to naaruu and loveyou2106 / princesseroses 

Snapchat possible spoiler?

Stardoll posted this on their snapchat earlier today

What could this mean? could it be a spoiler or just stardoll showing around the place?
comment what you think it is below!
Special thanks to Melu Sd 

Last chance - Dior Couture Tribute

Hello everyone,if you haven't notice this today but in the spotlight page it says that the last chance for Dior Couture Tribute is next Monday/4th of August

Is there anything you still haven't buy? GO get them right now before they leave starplaza!

Hotbuys Tassel Choker released

The Hotbuys Tassel Choker has been released!!

It costs 11 Stardollars and you can find it at Epiphany or click HERE to it in your dressing room.
It is inspired by Isabel Marant Oh Me Collection Necklace

Do you like it? Will you be buying?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

Campaigns that will come soon on Stardoll

We will have some new campaigns on Stardoll probably with freebies

Anna and the french kiss ( a novel by Stephanie Perkins)

 A new campaign for My little Pony - Equestria Girls "Rainbow Rocks"

And also there is a new drees-up for Barbie Style Club, maybe it is related to the next task for this club, let's wait to see

Stay tuned!!

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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